Carles Law Firm specializes in all the necessary procedures to assist and represent you during the formalities for obtaining the type of visa that best suits you and your needs, whether you see in Panama the opportunity to do business, or to extend your visit to explore and learn more about its culture and wonderful places, or even to start a new ideal life with work and permanent residence for you and your family.


  • Permanent Resident Visa for Economic Reasons or as an Individual with economic solvency.
  • Temporary Permit as an Agricultural Investor in Panama.
  • Temporary Permit as Forestry Investor in Panama.
  • Visa for an Investor in Land and Real Estate.
  • Temporary Permit for a Person Hired as an Expert.
  • Temporary Permit for a Foreign Person Hired by a Panamanian Company. Marrakech Agreement.
  • Temporary Permit for a Foreign Person Hired by a Panama Private Company within 10% of the regular staff.
  • Temporary Resident Permit for Family Regrouping.
  • Permanent Residence for Family Regrouping as a person married with a Panamanian.
  • Permanent Residence for Family Regrouping as a Foreigner with Panamanian Children.
  • Indefinite Resident Permit based on the bilateral Agreement between Italy and Panama.
  • Permanent Resident Visa due to special policies, such as those involving a pensioner or retiree.
  • Temporary Permit due to special policies as a retiree with Independent Means.
  • Permanent Residence as a Diplomat and Member of International Organizations.
  • Extension of Tourist Visa.
  • Multiple Entry and Exit Permit. Non-Resident.
  • Temporary Residence Visa for Visitors.
  • Naturalization Process to obtain Panamanian Citizenship.
  • Obtaining a Panamanian passport.


Are you interested in applying for residency in Panama or obtaining Panamanian citizenship?

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