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Advantages of bearer shares



A Panama IBC is the most common for foreign investors wishing to obtain legal instrument special advantages of Panama through the formation of companies .

Panama trying to reach its goal of becoming an international business center has made the RIG an attractive tool, giving some incentives such as low annual taxes, provided that the income originated offshore, laws are in favor of the board directors’ anonymity and the opportunity to create a company in Panama, without the need to have a Panamanian residence. At this time, there are more than 400,000 companies in Panama (companies IBC) and are capable of performing business operations worldwide.

In some countries bearer shares must remain in the country where he joined the IBC and in the custody of the agent represents. However, in Panama that they can be kept anywhere in the world, and can be issued without filling (ie, blank). In addition, Panamanian law does not require the reporting of transactions in which such bearer shares are involved.

Concerns foreign investors may disappear because the Panamanian government does not always meet records on corporations in Panama, privacy and security are strengthened. Another advantage is that Panama offers the opportunity to create private foundations that have the possibility of owning a corporation. Following this procedure, privacy is better since foundations do not require owners or participation certificates.