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Benefits of a corporation in Panama



There are any number of benefits for an offshore company , but perhaps the most valuable to an offshore company today effects are privacy and asset protection.

In the last decade, problems of international security and world economy have led to increased surveillance of financial transactions. While there may be a real need for such monitoring, in some cases, it has had the effect of erosion of privacy and anonymity of legitimate transactions also.

By forming an offshore company in Panama, you can ensure that their financial holdings and transactions enjoy greater privacy protections offered in the world today.

These are certainly not the only advantages, however – Panamanian offshore corporations can be used to transfer real estate properties, to establish banking and brokerage, even to ‘return home’ existing offshore companies from other jurisdictions.

Law simple and flexible Companies Panama means companies can do business, own assets, make contracts, and take part in normal banking activities, all in complete privacy and anonymity, making it one of the most useful tools in the world for personal and business asset protection.

  1. Best of all, they are quick and easy to set up and maintain.
  2. The main financial benefits of an offshore company in Panama are:
  3. The addition is a quick process; as a result management is very simple.
  4. Owners identity is confidential and is not necessary to disclose the names.
  5. is no requirement to file annual tax returns or financial, nor to hold annual meetings shareholders or directors.
  6. are totally exempt from tax on any business carried on outside the Republic of Panama.
  7. The business activities are kept confidential.
  8. Under registration fee, minimum requirements and minimum capital.
  9. Businesses can be part of any business in any country in the world and that allow transactions in the currency of their choice.
  10. Corporations can be address to the beneficiary or duly appointed candidate.
  11. The shareholders, directors and officers may be of any nationality or resident of any country. Directors or officers need not be shareholders.
  12. Boards of Directors and / or shareholders meetings can be held in any country and the directors and shareholders may participate in meetings by proxy.
  13. Total bank secrecy.