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Barbados Offshore


Barbados offers the opportunity for those looking to maintain a bank account abroad or an investment portfolio without tax burdens and without legal reporting requirements, to have a tool known as “POINT” (Pooled Omnibus Investment Trust), which under the deed of trust (“Trust POINT”) has a “Segregated Cell Company (SCC) of Barbados (POINT Trust), which owns the rights to each and all shared cell SCC.

Each member of POINT placed or contributes its assets (through the trust) to its own cell with different types of actions in the SCC. Although the assets are held by the instrument POINT, the assets of each class of cells, with different types of shares (“cell share class”) (such as bank account, the investment portfolio) may still be managed continuously on the current asset manager (the bank, financial adviser or investment, etc.).

POINT provides great value to individuals and institutions. It is simple in its design and operational form, in addition of providing asset protection and economic efficiency. Its annual stable commissions provide security to our customers and better control over the expenses. The multitude of benefits and the ability to enter and exit POINT, make this instrument a smart choice among the abundant supply of asset protection structures.

POINT benefits:

• Tax deferred payment and tax exemption in Barbados;
• On POINT is not necessary to report the interest earned (not savings directive);
• It is a tool whose running is simple and flexible;
• Participants (or their authorized person) maintained total control over the use of either bank accounts and investment portfolios (on assets under POINT);
• Assets under POINT standards could avoid “rightful inheritance or forced;
• Revenues and profits from investments are spread easily trough this mechanism;
• Participants may make withdrawals from POINT when they wish.
• The fee structure is stable, easily and affordably.