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Incorporation – Step by Step


The Document must contain:

  • The name of the Company.
  • Identify of the subscribers, partners and an indication  of their address;
  • The Registered Limited Liabilty Companies;
  • The duration of the LLC;
  • Social object, which can be broad or limited;
  • The amount of authorized capital, which can be in any currency, The shares or quotas into which it is divided and the value of each one;
  •  The appointment of one or more people who will be in charge of the administration and representation of the LLC and may or may not be partners.
  • The appointment of one or more officers or general power of attorney holders , the special power of attorney holders , and the powers conferred on them ;
  • The appointment of an agent in the state, which must be a lawyer or a firm of lawyers; is required; and
  • Any other legal agreement that subscribers or partners want to include.
Incorporation Step by Step
Law Limited Liability Companies ( LLC)