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Industrial Property


CARLES-BARRAZA LAW FIRM provides assistance in Copyright matters concerning the registration and protection of brands of products and services, advertising mottos, trade names, invention patents, models of usefulness, industrial designs, plant varieties and author’s rights. We specialize in license contracts and franchises as well as in litigations of opposition against cancellation of trademarks, civil and penal actions against wrongful usage of all types of Copyrights.

Let’s now talk more about Industrial Property in Panama. What is its importance, its benefits and protection that offers us to have our products or services registered?


It is a set of legal ordinances composed of laws, international treaties and regulations which the state takes as a basis to grant to individuals, companies and institutions acknowledgement, rights and protection regarding the exclusive usage of inventions and innovations or particular features used in productive processes and in the products or services that are the end resuld of such productive processes.

All of us, human beings, live in a world of brands, patents, inventions and constant technological development, which frequently we feel to be beyond our understanding; however, we must be aware that all of these concepts, collectively denominated industrial property,  are an expression of the increasing need of  companies for valuing their intangible assets and assuring the protection of their inventions, patents, brands, industrial drawings and models, author’s right and other such elements.


  • The protection of innovative activities using the different forms of Industrial Property enables companies to be more competitive when securing exclusive Rights over the invention, brand or protected object, in such a way that the company obtains a title deed that facilitates the carrying out of all sort of legal businesses and becomes a part of the immaterial assets of a company
  • The necessity of differentiating products and services from others through distictive features sufficiently effective to achive better penetration in national and international markets and in consumers preferences
  • Securing new areas of knowledge and technologies that can be protected
  • The application and deepening of international trends in trade, finances and information in a globalized market economy.
  • The role of technology to achieve competitive advantages among companies and regions or commercial blocs.


  • Avoids legal problems for violation of rights of third parties.
  • Helps to combat piracy.
  • Increases competitiveness.
  • Facilitates technological improvement.
  • Stimulates creativity and innovation as well as the development of new products.
  • Monetarily rewards its creators.
  • Stimulates and promotes the generation of new technologies.


  • Confidential information that represents a competitive advantage to its owner in relation to third parties (industrial secrecy).
  • An outward sign that distinguishes a product or service from others of its same kind (trademark registration).
  • A denomination that identifies an establishment (trade name).
  • Advertisement (commercial promotion).
  • A geographical name that distinguishes the product and makes it unique (denomination of origin).
  • A technically new product (product patent).
  • Novels manufacture process (patent of process).
  • A simple improvement to a machine or tool (registration of usefulness model).
  • A novel design that stimulates consumers’ choice (industrial design).


INTA: International Trademark Association

ASIPI:Pan-american association of Property