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Hague Convention Countries


Member Countries of the Hague Convention
The following countries accept apostille as a method for international legalization of documents.

  • Ministry of Foreign Relations, International Commerce and Cult.
  • Association of Scriveners of Argentina.




  •  Ministry of Foreign Relations.




  • Ministry of Foreign Relations.
  • Head Office Quito: Address: Av. 10 de Agosto y Roca (Solis Building).
  • Quito Turubamba: Adress: Turubamba y Teniente Hugo Ortiz.
  • Guayaquil: Zonal Coordination 5 Address: Cdla. Kenedy Norte, Francisco de Orellana y Justino Cornejo Avenue, Government Building del Litoral.
  • Cuenca: Zonal Coordination 6 Address: Ordóñez Lazo y Astudillo.
  • Manta: Regional Office Delgado Building Second and Third Avenues between streets 12 and 13.


El Salvador:

• Ministry of Foreign Relations.


Depending on the nature of the public document involved, there are three authorities in Spain that are in charge of offering service of apostille whose competence in each particular case is established by the following rules:

1. To have apostille in documents issued by judicial competent authorities: The competent authority that offers service of apostille is the Secretary of the Government Courtroom of the Superior Court of Justice.

2. Documents notarially authorized and private documents whose signatures have been authenticated by a Notary: The competent authority for apostille is the respective Dean of the respective Notarial Association or member of its Board of Directors.

3. In order to have apostille in documents of the Central Administration: The competent authority that offers apostille services is the Chief of the Central Section of the Office of the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Justice.


  • a. The Central Administration of the State is composed of the branches that extend their competence to all the territorial area of the State, i.e. the Ministries or their depending organizations, and only documents issued by them must have an apostille issued by the Ministry of Justice in Madrid.



• Ministry of Foreign Relations.


• If the document was issued by a state authority:


  • o Go to the General Secretariat of the State’s Government.


• If the document was issued by a federal authority:


  • o Go to the office of the Secretariat of Foreign Relations.



Generally, if it is about a diploma that certifies a course of studies you will have to go to the Ministry of Foreign Relations in order to get the pertinent information.

If it is about a notarial document, you will have to go to the Association of Notaries.

If it is about taking a census, you will have to go to the corresponding City/Town Hall.

Saint Vincent:


  •  Financial authorities IFSA.




  •  Ministry of Foreign Relations.