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Legal Options Incorporation in Panama



Legal options regarding the incorporation of Panama

Carles Barraza – Legal Options on the constitution Panama, Once you decide to incorporate in Panama, you will have the opportunity to choose what kind of company you want to set. Note that you need a few days to make this process in Panama, in fact, less than a week. Your choice might be:
A corporation with bearer shares, therefore, the person who has the share certificates can legally own the Corporation
You can also organize the IBC Company owned by a Panama Foundation.

Company Panama / Panama Corporation

There are several options for GIS in Panama, but the most used is the corporation, remember that it is not necessary to have more than one registered shareholder (or shareholder). The two types of companies in Panama are:
Panama Corporation (Corporation)
Panama Bearer Share Corporation.

Panama Bearer Share Corporation / Foreign Corporation

In a Panama bearer share corporation without shareholders they are registered. There issuance of bearer shares and which owns shares also owns the corporation.
Privacy can be a problem in choosing this option. Panama bearer share corporations are highly status and can own bank accounts, either in the country or abroad.

General partnerships, limited partnerships and civil societies in Panama

A society in Panama for offshore investment / outdoor and banking is no more advantageous than standard Panamanian company. Similarly, limited or civil societies are no longer suitable for incorporation offshore banking or offshore to Panama IBC generals.