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Virtual Office


This is a virtual space where the same kind of regular office’s activities can be done. This is a place integrated by professional labor with the purpose of providing services to its clients. (See Virtual Office Packages or Order Now !)

Carles Barraza Law Firm’s intention with virtual offices is minimizing the structure or physical space expenses generated by your company or business. Thanks to corporation’s domiciliation, the initial costs of an office can be reduced.

With today’s communication and technology is not longer necessary to have a physical space and with the opportunity of corporation’s domiciliation, having a virtual office is the ideal election for new businesses.

To confront these technology changes, new administrative and organizational tools are necessary to apply; this is the reason for virtual office exists.

Carles Barraza Law Firm presents the following services in the virtual office package: phone number, answer machine, mail code and email, resend of both mails, fax, physical address and the name of the company localized in a visual place.

This service’s objective is to reduce the costs our clients get for service such as: light, phone, water, rent, among others. Studies have shown that virtual offices can increase savings until 60%.

Additionally, the Firm allows you to have the service of mail forwarding, which is receiving your mail, store it until you pick it up or send by mail, following your previous instructions. To do this you must fill out a contract for this service previously.

How does the virtual office work?
The virtual office is everything except from a physical office; you will have a specific address, which you can use in your presentation cards and your company paper; you can use it as mail address, you will have someone answering your calls, using your company’s name, either in English or Spanish.

Which are the benefits of having a virtual office?

  • Address in a business recognized area.
  • A bilingual receptionist
  • Reduced expenses
  • Savings until 60%