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Florida LLC

Florida is situated in the southeastern United States, south of Georgia. Its total area is 155,213 sq km (59,928 sq mi). The capital is Tallahassee, and the largest city is Jacksonville. Florida’s population is approximately 15,000,000 and has grown rapidly during recent decades. Most of the states are the peninsula, the tip of which is the southernmost point of the United States mainland. The Florida Keys, a chain of small islands, curve southwestward from the southern end of the peninsula. The northwestern part of the state forms a narrow panhandle along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Florida has three major physical regions. Swampy areas in the extreme south, including the Everglades region, merge northward with a hilly Lake District.

Most people reside in cities along the coast. Many retirees live in Florida, so there is a relatively high percentage of an aged person. Florida’s economy depends on its tourist industry. More than 40 million tourists visit Florida each year, and the money they spend is the largest single source of income for Floridians. Tourist dollars stimulate many economic activities, especially the service sector and the construction industry.