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California, state in the western United States on the Pacific Ocean. The capital city is Sacramento, and the largest city is Los Angeles. California is the third largest state, after Alaska and Texas. It has a total area of 411,469 sq km (158,869 sq mi), with a wide variety of landscapes, including mountains, deserts, coasts, forests, and valleys. The population of California is 32,268,301, more than in any other state. Some 93 percent live in urban areas, and about half live in the Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County metropolitan area. Other major cities include San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno, and Stockton.

Manufacturing is the main economic activity of California, which leads all states in many industrial statistics. Major manufactures are semiconductors, electronic equipment and appliances, surgical and medical instruments, telephones, and computers. Food processing is the state’s third-largest industry, after electronics and industrial machinery.

Tourists are drawn of the state’s magnificent scenery, recreational facilities, and major cities. Southern California, with its year-round sunshine, varied landscape, and excellent technical facilities, mostly pine forests, and lumbering provides significant income. Florida’s industries have expanded rapidly since the 1950s. The state’s principal industry is the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment.