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Investment in Panama


In Panama there is combined special incentive legislation in all areas of the economy and with it political and economic stability makes the country an attractive place to invest and / or reside there. Panama is a country that offers an appropriate legal, tax, financial environment for those wishing to live and invest in the territory.

The geographical position at the center of the Americas, having the Panama Canal, financial stability (with the U.S. dollar as legal tender), the existence of the largest international banking center of Central America, the Colon Free Zone ( the Western Hemisphere’s largest and second after Hong Kong), the boom in construction and tourism (buildings and hotels that combine housing, business, relaxation, beach and sports) and flexibility in the granting of visas, specially for retirees (the Canadians have chosen the country as the second best home to live. The Panamanian economy grew by 2.1% in the first 9 months of 2009 because of many aspects, such as: construction, transportation and tourism.

In recent years, Panama has been a business’s center with billions of dollars in earnings, clearly showing how the foreign investor trusts in the Republic of Panama. Actually, Panama’s Constitution expressly indicates that those foreign who are in the country receive the same treatment as nationals.