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Film and Audiovisual Industry

The Ministry of Trade and Industry regulates Law 36 of 2007, which aims to promote the development of film and audiovisual industry in the country, promote the protection and preservation of audiovisual heritage and encourage Panamanian media culture in the population. It also seeks the consolidation of this industry in Panama.

Through the regulation of cinema was created for the Film Development Fund and the> National Audiovisual, to be administered by the National Institute of Culture (INAC and used to support the activities of development, production, distribution and exhibition of cinematographic and audiovisual Panama .  Also, by that Law 36 was added tasks to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade to design and implementing investment policies and marketing of film and audiovisual industry of the state.

Some advantages:

  • The producer of a cinematographic or audiovisual work shall enjoy tax benefits.
  • The Producer of a cinematographic can manage the Temporary staff Visa of the Film and Audiovisual, industry for foreign personnel who provide technical services to the company, for a term not exceeding three months, according to the requirements established by the National Directorate of migration and naturalization for Manager as a temporary visitor Visa worker of confidence, technical or expert.
  • The foreign investor to carry out a film or audiovisual investment by an amount exceeding one hundred and fifty thousand balboas ($150,000.00) shall be entitled to the benefits of immigrant’s residence in quality of investor.