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Panama Bank Account


There are more than 90 national and international banks in Panama. The requirements for opening an account are very similar like any other country. Most of these banks have online banking as part of their services.

Carles-Barraza Law Firm offers a direct and personalized assistance during the whole process of offshore account openings in very prestigious banks, through the fulfilling of the whole account documentation, the obtaining of the legal documents required and legalized Resolutions, Societies or Foundations.

Fortunately the paperwork for the account openings can be done away from Panama. Although, each bank has its own procedures, you should prepare the following information for either one you choose:

  • For some banks, you will need to have a personal interview.
  • Passport and another identification, it could be your driver license.
  • A bank reference will be needed for each account owner.
  • A personal reference letter.
  • A brief explanation of the purpose of the account – such as your business.
  • An estimated sum (annual/monthly) of the funds likely to be deposited in the account.


Requirements for Opening your Account

Personal Account:

  • Original bank original reference letter.
  • Original personal reference letter (from a Lawyer, accountant, etc.
  • Full Photocopy of the passport.
  • Information as to the origin and use of the funds.
  • Work Visa or Immigration Visa (If applies).
  • Special power of attorney, if we are authorized to open the account.

Corporate Account:

  • One (1) banking or commercial letter, from the director, shareholder, legal representative, or legally empowered by the Corporation, and of those individuals with the right to sign.
  • Duly authenticated copy of two (2) identity documents (passport and another additional) of the directors, shareholders, and legal representatives or legally empowered by the Corporation, and of the individuals with the right to sign.
  • In some cases a signature will be required for the account opening applications.
  • Information where the funds are originally from and use.
  • Signing of additional forms required by the Bank (banking contracts, authorizations, etc.)
  • Special power of attorney, if we are authorized to open the account.

Note: Additional documents may be solicited for the bank.


  • To be holder of bank accounts, trustee, time deposit, investment projects and any other financial or business license.
  • To have holdings of shares of other corporations or legal entities.
  • To be proprietor of apartments, houses, buildings, vessels and any other real estate.
  • To be manager or developer of international business transactions.
  • To have leasing of vehicles, machinery, vessels and others.
  • To do marketing and promotion of goods and services.


A bearer share corporation in Panama is a very useful device, but when it is used jointly with a corporation in Panama and a Panamanian bank account it transforms itself into the best banking secrecy instrument available.

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