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Real Estate in Panama


Investing in Panama real estate market remains an excellent option.

Any contractor wishing to invest in Panama must know that the investment climate is very stable; the country has an open policy towards foreign investment and legal regulations have flexible processes that their investment is safe and consistent.

Currently, there are laws that promote equal treatment for both domestic and foreign investment and business practices. Panama also promotes property incentives such as 15 to 5 years depending on the value of your investment.

Panama’s real state market is in continuous growth for the past six years, multinational investors see in Panama a great place for new investments, because of many reasons such as: its strategic geographical location, its enormous productive potential of natural resources and a really strong economy.

In Panama you can find apartments and interesting properties beginning on any price. Banks offer mortgages for non residents in the country for 70% of the total value of the property by which means that buyers will only need to spend the 30% of the value as down payment.

Most developers and builders Panamanians enjoy excellent reputation however always be careful with those developers who do not have the requisite experience and sell dreams that never materialize. This is why it is important to carefully read contracts promise of sale, request all documents and all warranties before risking some of their money in projects with no real or uncertain future.

Regarding consumer protection, Panama protects the investor through its Constitution and related laws, and with the help of Consumer Protection Authority and Competition Defense which protects buyers of real estate, who are victims of bad advertising or hidden defects in the properties, but in order to carry out a successful claim is important that your contract is specific and is consistent with what you bought.

We encourage those wishing to invest in the country to do so, if you are correctly advised, your investment will not only be safe one but you will also obtain the benefits of a country that offers security, stability, tranquility and a growing economy, supported by the Government.

Lic. Zoraida Rodriguez