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Redomicile to Belize

What re-domiciliation means?

Re-domiciliation is when a Company changes its jurisdiction of domicile. This involves transferring a corporation without dissolving or liquidating it, to another jurisdiction, being protected under its laws, without extinguishing the obligations and rights obtained and subject to the old jurisdiction. It operates bilaterally between both jurisdictions, in that the jurisdiction being left cannot have laws which automatically terminate the existence of the corporation upon a change of domicile, and the new domicile must have legislation which allows a corporation to continue from another jurisdiction.

How does re-domicile apply in Belize?

Redomiciliation provisions allow a company incorporated outside Belize to be continued in Belize and a Belize company to be shifted to another jurisdiction.


  • Original Certificate of Good Standing from previous jurisdiction
  • Certified copies with apostille of the Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association from previous jurisdiction.
  • Resolution authorizing the continuation
  • Articles of Continuation (Sample format Attached)

The re-domiciliation process takes approximately 24 hours to file providing we have all the required documents.