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Obtaining Panamanian passport


Temporary permits for special policies, as a retired person Independent Media – Obtaining Panamanian passport.

This permit may be requested by the temporary resident as a retired person of independent means , showing abroad to earn a monthly income of eight hundred fifty balboas 00/100 (B / .850.00 ), which come exclusively from the interest accrued from fixed deposit in the National Bank of Panama ( Banco Nacional de Panama ) or Savings Fund ( Savings Bank ) , if the interest earned from this deposit are free of encumbrances or guarantees of any kind , for a minimum period of five (5 years ; breach of the terms established by Law 9 of June 24, 1987 , and its regulations , will result in loss of incentive and rights granted.
At present , investment in fixed deposit for the amount to be approximately $ 260,000.00 .

In addition to the requirements referred to in Article 28 of the Decree Law, the applicant must submit the following documents :

  • Bank certificate of the National Bank of Panama or the Caja de Ahorros ( Savings Bank ) , which confirms the amount of fixed deposit , accrued interest, the duration of the account and the fact that it is free of charge.
  • Copy authenticated by the National Bank of Panama certificate of time deposit .
  • Two ( 2) sets of photocopies of all passport, authenticated by a Notary Public.
  • Original passport, valid for at least six ( 6) months.
  • Four size photographs ( 4) passport .

To request a permanent suspension , in addition to the requirements mentioned in the preceding paragraph , the applicant must submit the following documents :
national proof of payment of income tax in favor of the person concerned .